About Us

Spectra Biotech is part of a global movement to identify, research and introduce natural solutions for everyday problems.

Org’in is the result of a decade long research by neutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries for natural and organic healing solutions from the Tropics. The Oil Palm, much maligned in spite of its abundant goodness, yet again shows the greatest promise during our time of need. The nano particle lipid esters present in the palm and kernel oils are potent, safe and the most effective naturally occurring antimicrobials available today. The adjuvant properties continue to amaze proponents and bewilder detractors who promote chemical and alcohol based solutions.

Org’in is formulated, under license by Spectra Biotech, based on a Global Patent.

All our raw materials are palm derivatives and sourced from verified Sustainable Palm Oil providers.

Our products are manufactured and certified food grade compliant by Bureau Veritas.

Thank you for joining us on a journey towards a happier and healthier future with Org’in.

Created by an international research team as a Crisis Response Product.

Based on Global Patent for Nano Particle Lipid Esters

Registered with the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency, Ministry of Health, Malaysia - NOT210503651K

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