Frequently asked

The Org’in range of products are unique. They are fully natural and extracts of Palm and Palm Kernel Oils. This is a specially formulated Bio-Organic Nano-Particle Lipid Ester (NPLE) Solution that uses environmentally friendly ingredients to sanitize the surfaces. There are NO chemicals residuals on the surface.

Fatty acids are natural adjuvants and are very effective in destroying microbes. This is why they are widely used in cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. The biotechnological properties of surfactants can change the molecular properties of cell membranes which are made of proteins and/or lipoproteins. Surfactants act as solubilising agents and probes for hydrophobic binding sites of microbes.

All vegetable oils, Eucalyptus oil & Tea tree oil have fatty acids, palm oils have inherently much higher concentrations of fatty acids that provide adjuvant properties.

Sodium Hypochlorite and Benzalkonium Chloride are driven by their PH and not fatty acid content. Benzalkonium Chloride is also an environmental pollutant and toxic in nature.

*For more information on Benzalkonium Chloride

*For more information on Sodium Hypochlorite

All our products are certified food grade by Bureau Veritas and notified at the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency.

All Org'in products are delivered 'ready to use' and should not be mixed with anything else.

The Palm Oil industry is very highly regulated. It complies with end-to-end traceability through the MSPO, ISPO and RSPO certifications.

Palm Oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world. A potential allergic reaction can only arise from a direct intolerance of Palm oil.

No. We assume that all surfaces are cleared of waste, food and other debris before sanitizing. It is not necessary to wipe the surface after sanitizing.

As often as you wish. Ideally, repeat every 8-12 hours based on human traffic flow.

Yes. It is effective against microbes without harming humans or polluting the environment.

The Nano Particle Lipid Esters with Adjuvant properties works within seconds on contact with microbes.