Alcohol/ Chemical Free Sanitizer for Commercial and residential environments

Org'in is a bio-based Nano Particle Lipid Ester adjuvant.

Derivatives of Palm and Kernel Oils are widely used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food products. Their natural health benefits, protective properties and wide ranging qualities are recognized by the award of a global patent. This science is the basis of the Org’in Bio-sanitizer range of products.

Our range of Food Grade sanitizers and hand sanitizers are formulated to produce colloidal micelles which emulsify and rupture the microbe’s cell wall, hydro and lipid components.

A micelle is a double-layered nanoparticle measuring up to only four nanometers. A micelle is water-friendly (hydrophilic) on the outside, yet water-retentive (hydrophobic) on the inside.

Micelles are created by a process in which the extracts, FDA approved food additives (formerly known as EAFUS), are blended at specific time intervals, temperatures and on a certain sequence which transforms them into new particles, described as ‘colloidal micelles’. This differs from traditional chemistry in that the molecular attraction is not between positive and negative poles. Rather, it is between 'like' poles.

It breaks down hydrocarbon bonds in microbes and suspends them in their outer water layer to consequently be washed off. This halts the microbe’s reproductive mechanism, thus keeping your hands, personal items, and spaces clean and safe.

Comparison of Org’in and Alcohol Based Sanitizer
Org'in Other Alcohol Sanitizer
pH Org'in5-7 Other Alcohol Sanitizer3-7
Odor Org'inMild Other Alcohol SanitizerStrong
Color Org'inWhite/Opaque Other Alcohol SanitizerWhite/Opaque
Flammability Org'inNon-flammable Other Alcohol SanitizerHighly Flammable
Precautions Org'inFood Grade and safe if ingested in small amounts Other Alcohol SanitizerNeed safety precautions in storage and use. Health issues if ingested..
Effectiveness Org'inKills 99.9% of microbes Other Alcohol SanitizerOptimally kills common microbes at 75% concentration